Have Some Questions?
Let us try to answer them.

Why do I need a web site?

The internet is a rapidly growing source of information for consumers. It is an on-line 24/7 brochure readily available. Prospective customers are able to contact you at their convenience using e-mail or forms. The internet is one of the least expensive yet most used forms of advertising available.

How do web sites work?

Your site will be designed to run on all browsers and, after your final approval, uploaded to an internet server system. It is then available for anyone in the world to view and learn about your product or service. Supplying contact details, such as an e-mail address, users can also contact you directly at their convenience.

Do I need internet access to have a web site?

No, you can have a web site on the internet without being connected yourself. It can have all the information about your company, but consumers will not be able to contact you directly by e-mail or forms.

How do I get a web site?

You could create the site yourself, but the learning curve to develop an attractive and functional site can be steep and long. Web design firms can ease this burden and have the site up and running in a short time for a surprisingly low fee. You will need to furnish materials such as brochures, descriptive text covering your operation, photographs, logos, etc. This data will be analyzed and put in coherent and attractive web form for your review, then "polished up" and published to the internet.

How long will it take to get a web site?

This depends on the complexity of the site. A simple one page informational site can be up in two weeks. Multi-page sites take longer to assemble and edit, and graphics development can slow the process. At the outside, from receipt of materials, publishing should be realized in 4-6 weeks. E-commerce sites can take even longer if a multitude of items are included.

How do I know I'll like my web site?

Branded Frog has an initial brainstorming session with you to determine the scope of your business and the message you want to get to the public. The overall flow, content, general look and feel of your site is outlined, and existing web sites you may like or dislike are identified. After our initial design, we put your site on brandedfrog.co.uk (at a location virtually inaccessible to the public) for your review as it is being developed. Only after you have given final approval will the site be published to your domain.

Do you design sites for companies outside of London?

Yes, we can design sites for companies outside of London. Only in exceptional cases we may work with or even refer you to a local designer near you if it will benefit your project.

What do I need to get a web site going?

Before we indicate what the necessities for a basic web site are we would like to mention that you should always seek professional advice before purchasing any of them. The 3 main things you will need are:

Domain name: This is the www.yourname.com that people use to access your site. You can buy one of these for about £9 - £15 depending on your needs. (Don't spend £35 a year from register.com!) We can offer you a FREE domain name for a year (£15) after that year when you sign up with us to create your website.

Web Host: The actual computer that your web site data will sit on. There are many different web hosts out there and the cost will depend on your project specifications. Expect to pay around £10 - £50 a month for this service. Again, we offer FREE hosting for a year with the purchase of a web site saving you over £100 for the first year you have your site up.

Web Developer: That's US! Either an individual or a design firm that knows how to put together a professional web site. They can also assist you in gaining the other 2 aspects needed. Contacting a web developer is the best start at getting your project going. Most offer a free consultation and then hourly rates can run from £60 - £125 an hour. Anything less is probably not a professional and anything more will probably lessen your return on investment.

We offer FREE consultation, and our rates are equal or a tad less then stated above.

My friend knows HTML, couldn't he make my web site?

Unless your friend, brother-in-law, or who else this may refer to is a web design professional this is probably the worst mistake for a commercial site. A poorly designed site will reflect on your business and drive potential customers away. Your return on investment (R.O.I) will be severely hurt by not hiring experts in this field. HTML, HTML5 & CSS3 is not the only technology involved with a well-designed site. Many other factors play a role in designing a site to fit your business plan. By hiring a firm you can ensure that your web site will get the proper attention and will maximize your R.O.I.

With that said you can always have your site developed by a professional and then have a friend or colleague update the content of the site. This is sometimes a cost effective strategy that will satisfy both your budget and web site integrity.

Why use us and not a website set up to create your website like Wix or 1&1?

If you design a site from their templates, it looks like every other site that uses the same company. You can't add or subtract items on that site and you definitely end up paying more in the long run. You have to host with them and you can't take your site with you when you decide to go somewhere else. They actually still own that site. If you need specialized code added to the site, you can't do it so you hire one of their people, who charge outrageous prices to work on your website.

They put ads all over your site that you will have to pay premium prices to remove. If you need a simple site, and don't mind your site looking like everyone else's, go ahead and contact them. If you want a unique site, that doesn't look like your competitions site, then give us a try. You'd be surprised how much money you save by using us and not them.

We offer much more than basic Web design. We blend exceptional Web design with dynamic Web programming and powerful online marketing that allows us to achieve amazing results for our clients.

Not convinced yet? Take a peek through our portfolio and look at some of our custom website designs and development. If you want to talk to us about your project, contact us today to see how we can provide you a better experience in custom website development.

Can I maintain my own web site?

You can, but! Unless you are familiar with (X)HTML(5) or have trusted employees with time on their hands, don't even think of it. Even then, it is not recommended as sites can be "cooked" easily, and the resulting down time and cost to repair the site are self-defeating. The benefits of keeping the site tuned by a web design firm is well worth the fee. To be a valuable part of your overall marketing plan, it is important to keep your site up to date. Also, by making frequent changes, users are more likely to visit the site often to see what's new.

How will users find my web site?

Web sites contain meta tags which contain descriptive words and phrases about your site. When a user goes to a search engine and enters keywords or phrases, it displays a list of sites which contain that data and the name and URL of the sites. It is also important to include your web address in all other marketing and advertising approaches, as well as on your business cards and stationary.

What are search engines?

There are many search engines available to users such as Google, Lycos, Yahoo, Webcrawler, etc. These are updated daily, and by using "robots" and "spiders" they go through web sites and read keywords and descriptions in meta tags. This data is then indexed for users to find sites containing selected information.

What are meta tags?

Meta tags are code 'spiders'  look for in an (X)HTML(5) document. These tags contain the title of the site, keywords about the product or service, and descriptive phrases. they also tell the robots how often to visit the site for re-indexing.

OK, I'm convinced,
so why Branded Frog?

Domain Name Registration:

Branded Frog will find available domain names appropriate for your business and guide you in selecting the most appropriate choice. After initial registration, usually for a period of one year, the registration will be renewed to keep the web site active.

Web Design and Development:

An effective web site conveys your message to users in a concise, attractive manner. When browsing the Internet, most folks attention span is short, so slow loading graphics, flash animations and the like are discouraged. The site needs to get its message across with a minimum of words and whet the user's appetite for the product or service. Branded Frog's ABC's of design are present in every site. In multi-page sites, ease of navigation between pages is an integral part of the development.

Web Site Redesign:

If a current web site is not quite “up to scratch” Branded Frog can retool it to modern standards. Often additional artwork and photos are necessary, but redesign may only be a matter of improving presentation, wording, positioning and navigation. Branded Frog can also make most existing websites responsive , enabling them to be mobile friendly with “mobile first/progressive enhancement” techniques.

Web Site Maintenance:

Site maintenance is necessary to keep a site up to date as products and prices change, or calendar events are scheduled. A client may desire "tweaking" the site periodically to keep users coming back to see what's new. Also, it is important to revise meta tags and submit the site to search engines for re-indexing on a regular basis.

Search Engine Submission:

When users want to find information on the internet, they query a "Search Engine" such as Google, Lycos, Yahoo or any of the numerous others. Submission of a site to search engines is necessary to get a head start on a site being indexed for users to find. Many search engines do not charge for this submission, and experience shows that the site will be indexed by most within two weeks. If desired, a complete submission to all search engines can be made for an additional charge.

E-mail and Form Construction:

Sites can be set up to be interactive, with E-mail forwarded to a client's address (such as info@yoursite.com). Actual E-mail addresses can be set up such as jdoe@yoursite.com to send and receive E-mail. Forms can be constructed for a user to submit specific information, or to make a specific request for pricing or services. On-line purchases and payments can also be handled on-line.

Fast turnaround:

Branded Frog can work with deadlines. Within a few weeks of receiving material, a test version is posted as brandedfrog.co.uk/your site for the client's private review. The site is then fine-tuned and published to the web under the client's domain after adjustments have been made to the client's satisfaction.

ABC's of design

To be effective, a web site should have the ABC's of our design. It should be well-written with no misspelled words and proper grammar. All of these elements are present in our designs, and ongoing communication with you during the development process and maintenance assure you of an appealing and effective web site. We also use meta tags in ways to gain higher listings in search engine results. Branded Frog is a small two woman operation specializing in web site design for small and medium businesses. It offers clients a personal touch in creation of an effective web site to promote their product or service on the Internet.

Interaction with clients is maintained throughout development of the site to assure that the finished product reflects their desires in promotion. Branded Frog is aware that it is the client's business being promoted, not theirs.

Input during this process relates to the tone of the site and to sift through the client's thoughts to develop an attractive, coherent and effective web site.

Sites can range from simple to complex, from straightforward to deluxe with multi frames, animated graphics, sounds and banners. Although Dreamweaver and Front Page are used for web development to assure clients of first class web sites, much of each site is developed in code form. An overriding design principle is that web sites be fast loading, attractive and concise, yet provides the user with accurate information in a readable format.

Javascript and (X)HTML(5) techniques are used to achieve this, and the overuse of slow-loading graphics, flash animations and sound files is discouraged. It is important to get the client's message across as clearly and quickly as possible to retain the user's attention.

Branded Frog can also upgrade existing web sites to the same standards. Branded Frog can secure a new domain name or transfer an existing name for clients, and provide submission to search engines. We also periodically update information on the site to keep it well positioned on internet search engines.

Other services

Other services include maintenance, updating and other items necessary to insure an effective and smoothly running web presence.

Our web design skills include:

  • HTML(5), CSS(3), DHTML, JavaScript
  • Bespoke “mobile first/progressive enhancement” responsive design
  • SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL databases
  • Unix based (apache) web servers
  • Flash design and animation
  • Static graphic design
  • Multimedia (video and audio)
  • Photography -- taking, scanning, editing
  • Internet marketing via search engines and directories
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • New web site design or re-design
  • Content development