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Sales Representatives x3

January 2019

We are looking for sales representatives to find people and companies in need of websites or site re-designs.

We specialise in small businesses to medium businesses that need a web presence for their company. We build e-Commerce stores, web sites and more.

We are currently seeking 3 people who have a go get 'em attitude to bring my company design and website build work. Every sale is paid on commission of 10%. So if you sell an e-commerce project for £5,000 you will earn £500. Do that a few times a month and you'll be doing really well.

Experience is our first requirement: we prefer that to any degree. You learn great selling from experience, not a book. We want you to be able to read, write and speak good English. We want you to be able to use proper grammar and make sure anything you send out is proofread. We will hire from anywhere in the UK or USA (and Canada) as you don't have to be where we are located.

Note this is for self-employed work: you are responsible for your own expenses and have to pay your own taxes. We will pay you for your sales only, but you have the potential to earn a very good income.


Get in touch for an informal chat.

Branded Frog Web Development

Telephone: 07505 022 015

Ask for Betsy.

Mon-Fri: 2-5pm (GMT)

You will also find us online:

Facebook: Branded Frog

Twitter: @BrandedFrog

Google+: Branded Frog

Those in the USA or Canada may prefer to make initial contact via email:

Email: info@brandedfrog.co.uk

A great incentive to aid your sales:

We offer our own hosting via MoJo Internet Marketing Solutions

Affiliate commission of 25% available, independent of website design/build sales.

Email us for further information

Branded Frog International Web Development

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