Bespoke Design

Our Creative Services

With more than 15 year of experience in building custom websites, we get what you need to make your website - and your business - pop.

Before we start any design, our team brainstorms, plans and maps out your project to ensure we fully understand what you need and what your customers expect. We have a detailed worksheet that helps us with this. It asks the right questions so we can create what you want to see on your website.

We can handle your design in a couple of ways. The first way is a totally bespoke website, hand coded by us to your specifications. The other is, you find a template you like and we create all the graphics for it and use it as a basis for your dream site.

Web Site Redesign:

If a current web site is not quite "up to snuff" Branded Frog can retool it to our standards. Often additional artwork and photos are necessary, but redesign may only be a matter of improving presentation, wording, positioning and navigation. We can include templates that you might find you want manipulated to suit your purposes. This of course is a cheaper way to go. We will add the price of the template we purchase for you to our fee. If you choose to purchase it yourself, then send it to us, you only pay for the work we do on the template.

Web Site Maintenance:

Site maintenance is necessary to keep a site up to date as products and prices change, or calendar events are scheduled. A client may desire "tweaking" the site periodically to keep users coming back to see what's new. Also, it is important to revise meta tags and submit the site to search engines for re-indexing on a regular basis.